Light your Sexual Fire this Summer to Create Love, Joy, and Abundance

with Courtney Fae Long!

Your sexual fire is a multidimensional healing energy within your body. It has the power of CREATION. When you unleash its magic, you can utilize it to create the life you crave, including, love, romance, health, joy, confidence, abundance, money, opportunities, and more.

With Courtney Fae Long, MSW, LC, CHt

"Madame Mariposa"

Creator of Mariposa Sacred Sexuality®, Author, Speaker, Certified Hypnotherapist, Angel and Fairy Communicator, and Masters Level Social Worker with 23 years experience teaching and empowering others!

"Courtney’s Guided Meditations are just unbelievable, deep and clearer than anything I have experienced. I felt very peaceful and relaxed during them. I didn’t want to come out of them because I felt so good!" -Cindy

Ignite your PASSION this summer

Have you been feeling dull, tired, worried, or uninspired? Get your passion and spark back.

Does This Sound Like You?

The Sexual Fire Initiation Meditation is perfect for you if you:

  • Want to start to light your sacred sexual fire (otherwise known as life force, aliveness, and creation energy) in a safe, loving, lighthearted space

  • Love guided meditation and hypnotherapy (or looking for something new!)

  • Want to stay in a high vibration and embody love, joy, and abundance this summer

  • Want to make love and make life magical!

  • Have a busy schedule and want spiritual support that is deep, meaningful, convenient, and easy to access

  • Believe in the energy of Angels, Fairies, Unicorns, Star Beings, & Dragons and want to connect more closely with them for ongoing energy activations and spiritual support

  • Note: The meditation circle is spiritual yet not associated with any particular religious or spiritual doctrine. Your belief system will be respected and honored.

Starts Wednesday, June 22, 2022 

(the day after the Summer Solstice)

With special guests the Angels, Fairies, Dragons, Unicorns, and Stars. Together we will create an energy grid infused with high vibration healing energy and Sexual Fire Energy Activations to empower you, your entire life, and the planet.

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Why Light Your Sexual Fire?

Your sexual fire:

  • Is your INNER MAGIC hidden within your body
  • Resides in your sacred genitals like a volcano waiting to erupt
  • Is meant to flow freely throughout your body, from your root up to your heart, third eye, and crown chakra
  • Is a multidimensional, high vibrational healing energy
  • Lifts you out of the realm of fear and self-doubt
  • Boosts your confidence, happiness, health, magnetism, and attraction power
  • Raises your vibration to the realm of love, joy, and abundance!
  • Brings you home to yourself
  • Helps you feel liberated and free
  • Helps you create what you crave, including love, romance, joy, money, opportunities, and more

This year's Summer Solstice offers a sacred opportunity to light your sexual fire, ignite your passion, and take action to fulfill your purpose now.

Your purpose includes liberating your sacred sexual energy and embodying LOVE and JOY. 

Meditation Topic


Volcano of Love: Summer Solstice Sexual Fire Initiation (Weds, June 22, 2022)

Light your sexual fire and heat things up this summer to create the magical life of love, joy, and abundance you crave

How Does It Work?

You will receive:

  • 1 LIVE class & Sizzlin' Hot Sexual Fire themed Mariposa Magical Meditation on Zoom with Courtney (1.5 - 2 hrs) (value =$222)

  • 1 replay of video class and meditation plus downloadable meditation audio to listen to again and again (value = $44)

  • High vibes, FUN, love, joy, abundance and sparkly MAGIC! (value = priceless)

  • Walk away with incredible inner transformation that will positively impact the rest of your life, including your business/career, money flow, romantic relationship(s), family, health, happiness, and more!

  • Total Value = $268

  • Your price = Only $44

  • (Receive 90 days of high vibrational support for 1/6 the price of 1 private session with Courtney!)

How to Participate

The MMMC is all virtual, so you can participate from anywhere in the world!

  • 2 Ways to Participate:

  • Live on Zoom from your computer or mobile device

  • Replay – watch at your own convenience (great option if you can’t make it live)

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Benefits of Mariposa Magical Meditation

With Courtney Fae Long, the Angels, Fairies, Unicorns, Dragons, and Stars

  • Raise Your Vibration & Experience Magic, Freedom, Love, Joy, and Abundance

  • Clear and Permanently Remove Ancient Subconscious Blocks from This Lifetime and Other Lifetimes (blocks around your sexuality, body, love, joy, magic, and abundance)

  • Receive Clarity, Important Insights, and Divine Guidance

  • Feel Lighter and in Alignment with Your Higher Self, also known as your Magical, Authentic, Abundant, Sexual Self (MAASS)

  • Connect Closely and Clearly with the Angels, Fairies, Unicorns, Stars, and Dragons for Vibrational Upgrades and Spiritual Support

Mariposa Magical Meditation is where the magic happens!

Each meditation is infused with high vibration, multidimensional healing energy and Sexual Fire Energy Activations, which will raise your vibration and cleanse your energy field of stress and limitations that were weighing you down or holding you back.

You will likely feel peaceful, loving vibrations such as goosebumps on your arms or peaceful tingles on your back. 


The meditations are also infused with healing Hypnotherapy techniques, which allow your subconscious mind the opportunity to release and transform ancient subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs, fears, self-doubt, cellular memories, ancestral patterns, and past life blocks.

Your subconscious mind accounts for 85-90% of your mind. It drives your behaviors and actions and creates your reality, which is why it’s so important to clear and remove subconscious blocks. Your subconscious mind is like a computer with old, outdated software and apps that are not longer serving you. It has been programmed with fears and limiting beliefs from early childhood and past lives. Now you have the opportunity to remove the old, outdated software and apps and upgrade your entire operating system. 

Mariposa Magical Meditation is the perfect vehicle to do that. This is your chance to FREE YOURSELF from blocks that have been standing in your way (even if you’re not sure what they are)!

Mariposa Magical Meditation is incredibly effective for receiving clarity and divine guidance from your higher self (soul) and God/Source/Spirit/Universe. Unfortunately, your conscious mind just does not have these answers. Mariposa Mariposa Meditation is one of the best ways to get out of your head and access the wisdom of your heart and sacred womb!

These insights may come during the meditation, right after the meditation, the following day, or several days later. Be prepared for the clarity and answers your soul has been seeking. 

Light your Sacred Sexual Fire and CREATE the magical life you crave!

"Guided Meditation with Courtney Long is like a massage for your soul!” – Deanne Hodgson

Make Love & Make Life Magical

The Mariposa Magical Meditation Circle will help you align with:

  • HIGH VIBES: Stay in a high vibe all summer long so you can create a magical life in 2022 filled with love, joy, and abundance

  • MAGIC: Unleash the magic hidden within your body and within the Earth

  • FREEDOM: Free yourself from fear and deep, ancient subconscious blocks; Multidimensional upliftment and upgrades for your personal power and sovereignty

  • AUTHENTIC SELF: Embody your Magical, Authentic, Abundant, Sexual Self (MAASS)

  • LOVE: Open the pathway to love your body, your sexuality, yourself, your partner, others, and life itself

  • COMMUNITY & CONNECTION: Be part of an amazing, high vibe, loving, magical community of like-minded souls!

Trust Your Intuition

Do you feel lit up, curious, or energized?

Do you have tingles in your heart or goosebumps on your arms? 

Are you excited or even a little nervous?

Are the Angels, Dragons, Fairies, Stars, and Unicorns calling to you?

Do you know that you're meant to be part of this sacred journey into the magic within your body, your sacred sexuality, and the Earth? 

Whether you feel it, know it, or see it, pay attention to those intuitive signs. They are loving messages from your Soul (Higher Self).

So many beautiful souls are coming together for empowerment, magic, and miracles in the Mariposa Magical Meditation Circle.

Are you one of them?

Happy Clients

The missing piece of the puzzle

Nathan Ho

“Thanks to Courtney and Mariposa Sacred Sexuality, I feel like I’ve come into greater acceptance of myself, and it’s become more natural for me to talk about sexuality, openly, honestly, and without shame or judgement. Once you start digging and once you start with the transformational work you’ll wonder why you hadn’t come across it sooner, and you’ll wonder where it’s been your whole life. It really does feel like it’s the missing piece of the puzzle in terms of spiritual and personal growth.”

Confident and inspired!

Julie Kentera

“Courtney has such beautiful energy and her messages are uplifting and inspirational. I’m going through a transition in my life and was seeking some guidance and direction for the coming year. What I received from Courtney completely altered my vibrational energy."

Helped me make a big shift!

Jill Hope

“I was feeling overwhelmed about potentially making a big shift in my life. I knew something needed to change, but I didn’t know how to move through the change or even where I was headed. The insight Courtney gave me from the angels was something I just couldn’t get to on my own, and yet, it was just what I needed to move forward in a new way.”


  • "What if I can't afford it?"

    "I can't afford it" is simply a limiting belief. You CAN afford ANYTHING that is in alignment with your soul. Ask "How can I afford this?" Then make a list of 20-50 ways you can make money now (or even save money like canceling an unused gym membership). Take action on 2-3 of those ideas. Get creative and get in your power. Decide that you WILL pay for this, and the way will show up.

  • "How do I know if this meditation circle is right for me?"

    When you think about the Mariposa Magical Meditation Circle, how does your body feel? Do you feel lit up, excited, warm, or nervous? If so, that's a sign you're meant to be part of it! Don't “think” too much about this. Trust your heart and intuition. If you’re not sure, just join and see how it resonates. You're backed up by the Peace of Mind Policy (you can cancel within the first 30 days).

  • "What if I'm not used to spending this much money on myself?"

    Just think of all the money you have NOT spent on yourself over the years. You might have some catching up to do! There’s never a better time to start than now. It can be scary to put yourself first and invest money in yourself. And it puts you in alignment with your soul.

  • "Will I learn the 4-Step GLOW System?"

    The Mariposa Magical Meditation Circle is focused on deep healing experiences and vibrational upgrades through meditations. It does not teach you my 4-Step GLOW System. If you are interested in learning more about Mariposa Sacred Sexuality, you can add on Mariposa classes. Contact me to let me know you're interested.

  • "I think I'll try to do this on my own."

    Doing everything on your own is a common mistake from the old paradigm. We are in a new love-filled paradigm of collaboration, connection, community, and creating win-win-win experiences together! Allow yourself to receive support from me, the Angels, Fairies, Unicorns and Dragons and our other circle members. Together, we will create magic that we simply cannot create on our own.

Course curriculum

    1. Video 1: Class

    2. Video 2: Sexual Fire is Multidimensional

    3. Video 3: Meditation

    4. Video 4: Post-Meditation Discussion

    5. Meditation - Audio

About this course

  • $44.00
  • 5 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

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