Sizzlin' Hot Success Spring Spectacular

For Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Authors, Coaches, and Creative Souls! Uplevel Your Business, Money Flow, Love Life, and Sex Life with Hot Tips, Free Gifts, Classes, and Inspiration from 10 Sizzlin' Hot Experts.

Get Turned ON and Create Sizzlin' Hot Success!

Are you a successful speaker, author, coach, or creative soul?  

Are you and your business feeling dull, rather than happy, hot and turned ON?

 There is a strong correlation between your SEXUAL ENERGY and your BUSINESS.

 How HOT you feel determines how much SUCCESS your business experiences. If you want Sizzlin’ Hot Success, it starts by getting turned ON from deep within. 

Easy and fun to participate! No long interviews. Just short, hot video tips, free gifts, and 2 Classes with us sharing from our hearts.

You Will Receive:

* 10 Hot Tip Videos from 10 Sizzlin' Hot Experts with our juiciest tips for how to create Sizzlin' Hot Success in your business, money flow, love life, and sex life (5-10 mins each)

* Class: "The Link Between Your Sexuality and Sizzlin' Hot Success" with Courtney Fae Long (1 hr 11 mins)

* Class: "How to Embody Sizzlin' Hot Success: Our Experts Share Behind-the-Scenes Tips" (1 hr 11 mins) 

* 10 Valuable Gifts from our Experts to uplevel your business, money flow, love life, and sex life

Value = $555

Your price = Only $33

Experts Include:

  • Courtney Fae Long, Creator of Mariposa Sacred Sexuality (host)
  • Laurie Handlers, Sex & Happiness Coach
  • Amanda Moxley, International Business Coach
  • Jill Hope, Empowerment Coach and Founder of I Shine Wealth
  • Rachel Archelaus, Founder of the Intuitive Art Academy
  • Dawn Cartwright, NeoTantra Visionary and Sex & Intimacy Coach
  • Meghan Gilroy, Business Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, and Mentor
  • Nicole Mapu, Orgasmic Freedom Coach
  • Kelly Stokes-Brown, Owner of KSB Marketing (expert in copywriting and lead generation) 
  • Elena Lispon, Divine Self-Care Mentor

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Sizzlin' Hot Success!

    1. Class Description

    2. Video: Part 1

    3. Video: Part 2

    1. Class Description

    2. Video: How to Embody Sizzlin Hot Success

    1. Meet Courtney

    2. Hot Tip from Courtney: The "O" Meter

    3. Free Gift: The "O" Meter (Description)

    4. Free Gift: The "O" Meter PDF

    5. Free G

    1. Meet Laurie

    2. Hot Tip From Laurie

    3. Free Gift: What Is Desirability?

    1. Meet Amanda

    2. Hot Tip From Amanda

    3. Free Gift: 108 Ways to Attract New Clients Now Report

About this course

  • $33.00
  • 38 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

Ready to Get Turned ON?

Our experts will show you how to create Sizzlin' Hot Success in your business, money flow, love life, and sex life!