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Do you allow yourself to enjoy pleasure?

⁠Pleasure nourishes your body and lights up your soul.

Do you love yourself and love your sacred sexuality?

Lighting your sexual fire is the key to self-love! Self-pleasure is normal, natural, and one of the best ways to light your sexual fire. It boosts your self-love, happiness, health, and vitality.

Join Courtney for this lively discussion and evening of inspiration.

Awaken Your Self-Pleasure and Self-Love Online Class

With Courtney Long, Creator of Mariposa Sacred Sexuality™, Speaker, Author, & Masters Level Social Worker

You’ll Discover:

  • Courtney’s unique take and never-before-heard insights on self-love (what self-love really is and why your sexuality is the key to your self-love!)
  • 7 Benefits of Self-Pleasure – Why self-pleasure (a.k.a. sacred masturbation) matters and how it impacts your health, happiness, romantic relationship, career, money flow, and more
  • Why waiting on a partner to satisfy you is unnecessary and out-of-style! (yet your own self-pleasure can help you deepen the love in your relationship or call in the right partner for you)
  • The 5 Sacred Steps to Self-Pleasure and Sacred Self-Love

Let’s gather and celebrate the beauty and art of self-pleasure and self-love.

Class is 90 minutes.

Energy Exchange = $44

These insights are going to blow your mind and open your world to love, confidence, ecstasy, and joy. See you then!

With love,


Creator of Mariposa Magical Sexuality™ Courtney Fae Long

Courtney Fae Long is the creator of Mariposa Magical Sexuality™ and the 4-Step GLOW System. She is an International Speaker and Bestselling Author who has been teaching for 25 years. Courtney holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW), Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (B.A.), and certificates in Sexuality Education and Sex Therapy from the University of Michigan. After years of sacrificing her health, joy, and sex life in order to run a successful business, Courtney burned out. Surprisingly, she discovered that lighting her sexual fire improved her confidence, happiness, health, love life, business, and money flow. Courtney guides spiritual, sexual, sensitive souls to light their sexual fire so they can be happy and abundant in ALL areas of life - business/career, love, sex, and money. Courtney resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Check out her online school, retreats, blog, videos, and free gifts at

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