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Are you ready for the magical, healing journey of exploring your Sacred Sexuality? 

Are you overworked and underpleasured

Are you stressed rather than sexified?

Would you like to create free time for self-care, pleasure, joy, relaxation and romance? 

Would you love to learn the art of pleasure? 

Join Courtney Fae Long for:

"Awaken Your Sacred Sexual Energy Through Pleasure" 

A 2-Month Journey to Prioritize Pleasure for Health, Happiness, and Deep Fulfillment 

Tap into the power of pleasure, joy, fun and sensuality both inside and outside the bedroom (vs. struggle, sacrifice, and hard work)    

This unique, inspirational program will empower you to: 

• Feel turned on for life, your partner, and your career/business/purpose 

• Start to awaken your pleasure centers to go from stressed to sexified! 

• Tap into the power of pleasure, joy, fun and sensuality (vs. struggle, sacrifice, and hard work) 

 • Learn the art of pleasure both inside and outside the bedroom (pleasure is essential for your health, happiness and vitality, and life goes far more smoothly when you’re in the vibe of joy, play, and pleasure rather than hard work, struggle and sacrifice) 

• Go from over-working, over-giving, pushing, and struggling to experiencing the bliss of work-life balance 

 • Discover the 6 essential keys to create free time and space in your life for self-care, fun, and pleasure, so you can be happy, healthy, and deeply fulfilled  

8 Class Topics:

Class 1: Your Passionate, Joyful Life

Step into your most joy-filled, passionate life. Live your dreams and desires.  

Class 2: The Art of Pleasure
Tap into the power of the ancient practice of pleasure to boost your happiness, health, and life satisfaction.

Class 3: Get Turned On for Life

Explore 10 ways to experience pleasure in your daily life so you can feel happy, hot, and lit up from within.

Class 4: Clear Blocks & Claim Pleasure

Bust through blocks to pleasure, enjoyment, and sexuality through 5 out-of-the-ordinary clearing techniques.

Class 5: Create Free Time for Pleasure

Discover 6 essential steps to clear your calendar and create free time for your joy, self-care and sacred sexuality.

Class 6: Sexual Self-Pleasure: The Art of Sacred Masturbation

Discover the Mariposa Erotic Eight: 8 Steps to Experience Ecstasy. Experience inner transformation through self-pleasure. Learn the art of sacred masturbation and get in touch with your sensuality.

Class 7: Awaken Your Pleasure Centers

Activate your body's capacity for the high vibrations of pleasure, love, and ecstasy so you can go from stressed to sexified.

Class 8: Pleasure with Your Partner

Discover the 8 Pleasure Principles for Partners. Discover how to deepen pleasure for both you and your partner inside and outside the bedroom. Oooh la la!

Program includes a healing guided meditation "The Pleasure Palace" (39 mins) to clear ancient subconscious blocks to pleasure and claim your new reality of pleasure, passion, love, and joy.

Program also includes 5 Sacred Sexual Embodiment Exercises to help you awaken your sacred sexual energy, a variety of action steps, and a daily and weekly personalized pleasure practice.

Program Value = $3333

Your Investment = Only $1997

Payment plan option: 3 monthly payments of $732. For payment plan, contact Courtney at 

Note: This is an investment in yourself, including your health, happiness, partnership, and sacred sexuality

Questions? Want to speak with Courtney or her Director of Magical Experiences Ashley Butler? 

Let us know!  

Courtney can't wait to help you awaken your sacred sexual energy through pleasure! 

Creator of Mariposa Magical Sexuality™ Courtney Fae Long

Courtney Fae Long is the creator of Mariposa Magical Sexuality™ and the 4-Step GLOW System. She is an International Speaker and Bestselling Author who has been teaching for 25 years. Courtney holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW), Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (B.A.), and certificates in Sexuality Education and Sex Therapy from the University of Michigan. After years of sacrificing her health, joy, and sex life in order to run a successful business, Courtney burned out. Surprisingly, she discovered that lighting her sexual fire improved her confidence, happiness, health, love life, business, and money flow. Courtney guides spiritual, sexual, sensitive souls to light their sexual fire so they can be happy and abundant in ALL areas of life - business/career, love, sex, and money. Courtney resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Check out her online school, retreats, blog, videos, and free gifts at

Course curriculum

    1. Intro

    1. Guidebook: Bonus Class

    2. Video 1: Sacred Intentions

    3. Video 2: The Magic of Mariposa Sacred Sexuality™

    4. Mini Meditation: Unlock Your Sacred Sexual Energy

    5. Video 3: Mind-Blowing, Earth-Shattering Sex

    6. Video 4: Busting 8 Sex Myths

    7. Video 5: Ordinary Sex vs. Mariposa

    8. Video 6: The Original, Soulful Purpose of Sex

    9. Video 7: Embodiment Exercise #1: Vibe Up Your Sex Life

    10. What did you think?

    1. Guidebook: Your Passionate, Joyful Life

    2. Video 1: Your Divine Desires, Dreams, and Fantasies

    3. Video 2: Mini Meditation: Fast Forward 1 Year

    4. Video 3: Your Va Va Voom Vision

    5. Video 4: Action Step: Daydream with Pleasure

    6. Video 5: Sacred Sexual Embodiment Exercise

    1. Guidebook: The Art of Pleasure

    2. Video 1: Intro: What's Pleasure Got to Do with It?

    3. Video 2: The Search for Pleasure

    4. Video 3: The Magic of Pleasure

    5. Video 4: Your Pleasure Tank

    6. Video 5: Sacred Sexual Embodiment Exercise: Pleasure Glasses

    7. Transcription for Pleasure Class #2 - The Art of Pleasure

    1. Mariposa Check-In

    1. Guidebook: Get Turned On for Life

    2. Video 1: Intro

    3. Video 2: Everyday Pleasures 1-3

    4. Video 3: Everyday Pleasures 4-6

    5. Video 4: Everyday Pleasures 7-10

    6. Video 5: Action Step: Practice 1 Everyday Pleasure

    7. Transcription for Pleasure Class #3 - Get Turned On for Life (Everyday Pleasure)

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  • $1,997.00
  • 74 lessons
  • 11 hours of video content