*End 2023 and start 2024 in a financially abundant way!* 

I'm looking for 30 brave souls who want to manifest more money in a meaningful way (by sharing their gifts in the world).

You've been taught to work hard, right? 

Society values productivity over pleasure. We focus on achievement. We go go go and do do do. But what if that approach is backfiring? What if we are trying too hard and unconsciously repelling money rather than attracting it? 

What if there is a secret hiding inside your body that opens the floodgates of abundance... 

...without having to work hard or sacrifice your love life, sex life, happiness, or health in order to make money in your business or career?

Join me, Courtney Fae Long, for a deeply healing, fun, spiritual adventure…

Are you ready to manifest money through pleasure, purpose, and joy (rather than hustle, hard work, or struggle)?

There is a deep connection between our sexual energy and money. 

Everyone is capable of having multiple orgasms and manifesting millions of dollars, regardless of age, menopause status, race, ethnicity, size, ability, sexual orientation, education level, or current socioeconomic status. Our natural state is to be highly sexual and highly abundant (and thus, highly paid). 

But sadly, most people do not know that there’s a correlation between sexual fire and money-making. Society has repressed our sexual fire, and we are so busy working and denying our body’s needs that we don’t realize that deeply encoded within our body is a portal or gateway to prosperity. 

In order to access our Prosperity Portal, we must learn how to amplify our sexual fire and inner glow, consciously channel it into our career, life, and creative projects, and create the abundance we crave. When we learn how to work hotter, not harder, we can manifest money through pleasure, purpose, and joy!

Like many people, I strove for success the way society expected me to – through hustle, hard work, and putting my own needs on the back burner (especially my sexual needs). Eventually, this approach led me to hit rock bottom with a serious health crash and financial crash. 

Surprisingly, lighting my sexual fire and getting my G.L.O.W. on brought me back to life and skyrocketed my health, happiness, confidence, career success, and finances. 

The secret to money manifestation is inside our bodies – within the glow of our sexual fire.

Note: You do NOT need a partner in order to take this class or to amplify your own sexual energy. This is about YOU and your body. Not about anyone else.

After 24 years of teaching and deep spiritual exploration, I have finally discovered the secret to spiritual money manifestation. I am so excited to share it with you!

What You Can Expect

In this transformational journey, you’ll discover how to:

  • Increase your income in your own unique, authentic way while sharing your gifts, fulfilling your purpose, having fun, and helping others

  • Manifest money through pleasure, purpose, and joy (without hustle, hard work, or sacrificing your happiness, health, love life, or sex life)

  • Radiantly RECEIVE money, opportunities, love, and other forms of abundance (most of us are great at GIVING but struggle to receive! There is an art to Radiant Receiving)

  • Embody your feminine energy so you can become magnetic and attract money (rather than repel it by pushing and striving with your masculine energy)

  • Experience GLOW Practices to help you embody the glow of your sexual fire and the vibration of abundance so you can manifest money by being the authentic you

  • And happy surprises along the way!

  • This is not just a class. It’s an adventure for your soul.

*End 2023 and start 2024 in a financially abundant way!*

The adventure starts Thursday, December 7, 2023

We meet on Zoom Thursdays at 4pm PT; 5pm AZ/MT; 6pm CT; 7pm ET

Each class is approximately 90 minutes.

Dates include: 12/7, 12/14, 1/4, 1/11, 1/18, and 1/25

Can't make it live? No worries. There will be replays, and you can submit questions ahead of time.

What You Receive

  • Revolutionary Teachings

    Although sexuality has been repressed, it's time to take our power back and cultivate this potent energy to fuel our happiness, health, money, abundance, love, and life purpose. You won't hear these teachings anywhere else.

  • GLOW Practices

    GLOW Practices amplify the glow of our sexual fire, so we can glow with love, joy, and abundance and manifest anything we deeply desire. They combine meditation, sexual self-pleasure, visualization, and hypnotherapy techniques to free your subconscious mind.

  • Live Classes

    Learn from Courtney in real-time live on Zoom, experience the GLOW, connect with others, ask questions, and receive coaching from Courtney (You'll receive replays too, if you miss a class or want to watch again).

Class Modules

What You Will Learn

Class #1: You Are Meant to Be Rich: Light Your Sexual Fire to Turn On Your Money-Making Power

Do you think you need money? Actually, money needs YOU and your help to make the world a better place. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to manifest more money than you ever thought possible. With an abundance of money, you can give generously and make powerful, positive changes on the planet. As a caring person, being rich is your responsibility! In this class, you’ll melt resistance to money and turn on your money-making power. 

Class #2: Desire: The Call to Abundance

What do you deeply desire? Desire is the key to glowing with abundance. Yet so many of us have repressed our desires, both sexual and non-sexual. 

This class guides you through a fun process to identify and feed your deepest desires. You’ll also discover Libido Boosters to amplify your GLOW and how to avoid the most common Libido Dimmers based on sexuality research. You’ll learn 2 GLOW Practices to create the vision for your most joyful, abundant, turned-on life in 2024– including your business/career, love life, sex life, and money, so you can create it into reality!

Class #3: Money Wants You: Get Turned On and Hot for Money and Shed Money Shame from Your Subconscious

Let's shed money shame, shall we? Money shame is when we feel bad about money - whether from not having enough, having more than others, or feeling guilty for receiving money for our gifts. 

Let's get hot and turned on for money, so you can open yourself to receive ABUNDANCE. Through unique insights and creative GLOW Practices, this class helps you get in your creation power to claim the money you desire and deserve (and as a fun side note, these teachings came directly from a divine download). 

Class #4: Pleasure Opens the Portal to Prosperity

Pleasure opens the portal to prosperity! Discover how to fill your Pleasure Tank and infuse your work and life with 3 forms of pleasure so you can start vibrationally aligning with abundance and receive intuitive guidance to help more people and manifest more money. This class includes pleasurable GLOW Practices to quickly shift stress into joy.


Class #5: Embody Your Feminine Energy to Amplify Your Magnetism and Attract Money (includes Feminine Energy Embodiment Exercises) 

Currently, feminine energy and pleasure are missing from the way we make love and make money, which leaves us depleted, exhausted, on the verge of burnout, and stuck at a lower income than we desire and deserve. Unfortunately, this approach is currently causing us to repel money rather than attract it. We don’t have to work that hard. There is another way.

Feminine energy is the buzz nowadays. But do you understand what it really is, how it feels, and how to actually BE in your feminine energy? It has nothing to do gender. This class gives you an experience of your feminine energy so you can embody it daily to create your G.L.O.W. and inner magnetism. 

Class #6: Relax and Receive Radiantly

When someone gives you a compliment, do you immediately compliment them back? Or do you allow yourself to breathe in the compliment and enjoy it? One of the top issues I see with caring people is our inability to “relax and receive,” which is the theme of this class. When we operate from the mindset that giving is more virtuous than receiving, we end up over-giving, under-receiving, and depleting ourselves. Receiving charges our batteries so we can feel happy, healthy, and turned on. Plus, the more we receive, the more we can give! 

Radiant Receiving = Abundantly receiving more than you need (and could ever imagine possible); opening your heart, mind, and Prosperity Portal so the abundance of the universe can flow through you like a waterfall; glowing and overflowing with abundance, love, joy, and generosity 

There is an art to Radiant Receiving. It’s fun. It’s subtle. And it can make a HUGE difference in the amount of money (and love) you receive. 

This adventure is going to be fun and oh so pleasurable!

Client Success Stories

Manifested Money & Out of Debt!


“Courtney's GLOW classes have helped my self-confidence, and I feel more worthy. All the sudden I am manifesting money, experiences, and some wonderful things which I’m very excited about. I’m getting more work. I’m now completely out of debt."

Abundance & Creativity as I Started My Own Business!

Nathan Ho, Clairvoyant Healer and Educator

“Thanks to Mariposa, I'm now more confident, loving, intuitive and inspired. As I've just left my career in school teaching and am building my own business, creative ideas now come to me so easily. Being in touch with your sexual energy and having an intimate relationship with your own sexuality first and foremost, shifts and transforms your energy to radiate a form of confidence, attraction, and glow, which translates into drawing in things that contribute to success, like abundance, creativity, opportunities, people, inspiration, and intuition."

I've Gotten My Spark Back!


"Mariposa Sacred Sexuality is such a unique and powerful program. What Courtney is teaching is groundbreaking. I loved learning all the connections between sexual energy and the rest of my life - including abundance. Sexual energy impacts far more than I would have considered. Nobody teaches what Courtney is teaching. You can't find it anywhere else. It's so valuable. I've had more consistent orgasms. The kind of orgasms that are clearing of everything in my system. I’ve gotten my spark back!"

Passionately Fulfill Your Purpose

Think of this as an investment in your ability to manifest more money in your own unique way (according to your unique life purpose) - now and for years to come.  

I know in my core that I could charge $10,000 for this course and it is worth every penny of that. But, I know it's a new idea for many people, it requires courage to learn this, and I want to make it easy for you!  

Energy Exchange

This is an investment in your ability to manifest more money in your own unique way (according to your unique life purpose) - now and for years to come.

Now is your time

Your money-making power is within. I’m sooo excited to help you manifest money through pleasure, purpose, and joy.