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Mariposa Sacred Sexuality™ Level 1: Light Your Sexual Fire

Create the Love and Deep Connection You Crave


Mariposa Level 1 is a powerful journey into the sacredness of your body and sexuality...

Here’s what you can receive:

  • Awaken your sacred sexual energy and align with your authentic self
  • Discover the hidden magic and pleasure centers within your body
  • Feel ALIVE, passionate, and turned ON for your life, partner and business/career/purpose
  • Create your own internal happiness and deep fulfillment through your Orgasmic GLOW 
  • Release sexual shame, trauma, fear, religious programming, and ancient subconscious blocks 
  • Boost your health, energy, and vitality through your own sexual energy
  • Show up as a better partner, family member, and leader in the world
  • Discover the basics about Mariposa Sacred Sexuality™ so you can experience authentic love and a deep connection to the Divine
  • Discover specific techniques and ceremonies so you can start practicing Mariposa Sacred Sexuality™ now (whether you are single or in partnership)   


During Mariposa Level 1, you will experience:

The GLOW System for Mariposa Sacred Sexuality™

• Prioritize Pleasure for Health, Happiness, and Deep Fulfillment  Tap into the power of pleasure, joy, fun and sensuality both inside and outside the bedroom (vs. struggle, sacrifice, and hard work)    

• GLOW Step #1: Grounding: Get Your Body Happy, Hot, and Sizzling!  Enjoy vibrant energy, health, and vitality so you can enjoy life and make a meaningful difference in the world   

• GLOW Step #2: Love: Unleash the Orgasmic Power of Your Heart  Pave the inner pathway to enjoy deep, meaningful connection, authentic love, and a fulfilling romantic relationship    

• GLOW Step #3: Orgasmic: Open the Flow of Your Sacred Sexual Energy  Open your potential to experience mind-blowing, earth-shattering sex and feel deeply fulfilled in sex, love, and life   

• GLOW Step #4: Wonderland: Unleash Your Passion and Tap into the Magic of Your Sacred Womb    Feel passionately turned on for your life, partner, and career/business/purpose!   



Creator of Mariposa Magical Sexuality™ Courtney Fae Long

Courtney Fae Long is the creator of Mariposa Magical Sexuality™ and the 4-Step GLOW System. She is an International Speaker and Bestselling Author who has been teaching for 25 years. Courtney holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW), Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (B.A.), and certificates in Sexuality Education and Sex Therapy from the University of Michigan. After years of sacrificing her health, joy, and sex life in order to run a successful business, Courtney burned out. Surprisingly, she discovered that lighting her sexual fire improved her confidence, happiness, health, love life, business, and money flow. Courtney guides spiritual, sexual, sensitive souls to light their sexual fire so they can be happy and abundant in ALL areas of life - business/career, love, sex, and money. Courtney resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Check out her online school, retreats, blog, videos, and free gifts at https://courtneyfaelong.com.

Course curriculum

    1. Please Complete: Pre-Class Assessment

    1. Video 1: Let's Light Your Sexual Fire!

    2. Video 2: How the Program Works

    3. Video 3: Tips for Mastering Mariposa

    4. Video 4: Your Action Steps

    1. Guidebook: Temple of Mariposa

    2. Video 1: Creating Sacred Space

    3. Video 2: Temple of Mariposa Mini-Meditation

    4. Video 3: The Spirit of Mariposa

    5. Video 4: The GLOW System for Mariposa Sacred Sexuality

    6. Video 5: Ignite Your Intentions & Sexual Fire

    1. Guidebook: Bonus Class

    2. Video 1: Sacred Intentions

    3. Video 2: The Magic of Mariposa Sacred Sexuality™

    4. Mini Meditation: Unlock Your Sacred Sexual Energy

    5. Video 3: Mind-Blowing, Earth-Shattering Sex

    6. Video 4: Busting 8 Sex Myths

    7. Video 5: Ordinary Sex vs. Mariposa

    8. Video 6: The Original, Soulful Purpose of Sex

    9. Video 7: Sacred Sexual Embodiment Exercise: Vibe Up Your Sex Life

    10. What did you think?

    1. Intro and Overview of Pleasure Course

    1. Guidebook: Your Passionate, Joyful Life

    2. Video 1: Your Divine Desires, Dreams, and Fantasies

    3. Video 2: Mini Meditation: Fast Forward 1 Year

    4. Video 3: Your Va Va Voom Vision

    5. Video 4: Action Step: Daydream with Pleasure

    6. Video 5: Sacred Sexual Embodiment Exercise: Activate Your Va Va Voom Vision

    7. What did you think?

    8. Transcription for Pleasure Class #1 - Your Va Va Voom Vision

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