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Our world is at a major turning point. The call now is for FREEDOM. And it starts within each of us.

Would you love the FREEDOM to:

* Be your true authentic self

* LOVE and be loved for who you truly are…

* Be financially abundant

* Experience pleasure and the bliss of Sacred Sexuality

* Fulfill your life purpose and make the meaningful difference you’re meant to make

Our world is changing. Are you? Are you giving yourself permission to be FREE?

Imagine being free from the past… free from fear… free from self-doubt, restrictions, and limitations.

Imagine having the FREEDOM to do what you really came to this planet to do. And to create your life on your terms.

This Independence Day has deeper meaning than ever before. Plus a powerful eclipse!

Fireworks of FREEDOM: Freedom Alignment Meditation

Summer of FREEDOM Meditation Series

For Purpose, Prosperity, Passion, Pleasure, and the Freedom to be Yourself

With Courtney Long, Creator of Mariposa Sacred Sexuality™, Angel Communicator, Speaker, Author, & Masters Level Social Worker

Can’t get away this summer? Need a break from the stress of COVID, politics, and all the changes in our world?

Let’s go on a mini vacation through the power of your subconscious mind with healing guided meditation.

In the Meditation, You Will:

  • Align with your soul, authentic self, and sovereignty
  • Feel rejuvenated, uplifted, supported by the universe, safe, clear, loved, and connected
  • Receive clarity about your life purpose (what you are truly meant to do and be) and the next steps to take
  • Release and permanently clear fears, restrictions, limitations, past life vows and agreements, self-doubt, and subconscious blocks to freedom
  • Work with the Angels, Fairies, Dragons, and Star Beings to raise your vibration
  • Align with FREEDOM
  • Experience purpose, passion, prosperity, and pleasure

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I look forward to unleashing freedom with you!

With love,


Creator of Mariposa Magical Sexuality™ Courtney Fae Long

Courtney Fae Long is the creator of Mariposa Magical Sexuality™ and the 4-Step GLOW System. She is an International Speaker and Bestselling Author who has been teaching for 25 years. Courtney holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW), Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (B.A.), and certificates in Sexuality Education and Sex Therapy from the University of Michigan. After years of sacrificing her health, joy, and sex life in order to run a successful business, Courtney burned out. Surprisingly, she discovered that lighting her sexual fire improved her confidence, happiness, health, love life, business, and money flow. Courtney guides spiritual, sexual, sensitive souls to light their sexual fire so they can be happy and abundant in ALL areas of life - business/career, love, sex, and money. Courtney resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Check out her online school, retreats, blog, videos, and free gifts at

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    1. Freedom Alignment for Independence Day

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