Course Description

Want to unleash your inner confidence?

Archangel Michael wants to help you believe in yourself and confidently fulfill your Divine Life Purpose!

Join Courtney Long and the Angels for:

*Activate Your Confidence with Archangel Michael*

Online Class with Angelic Healing Guided Meditation and High Vibe Energy Infusions 

Shift Self-Doubt and Insecurity into Courage and Confidence

With Courtney Long, MSW, LC, CHt, ATP®

Angel Communicator, Fairy Expert, Life Purpose Intuitive, Author, Speaker, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Masters Level Social Worker

“Angelic Healing Guided Meditation with Courtney Long is like a massage for your soul!”  – Deanne Hodgson

Connect with Archangel Michael, the Angel of Strength and Confidence to:

* Ditch Feelings of Fear, Doubt and Insecurity And Remove Their Roots from Your Subconscious Mind

* Access Your Soul’s Natural Courage and Confidence and Anchor This Feeling Into Your Body, So You Can Shine Brightly Every Day

* Discover What it Would Be Like to Confidently Fulfill Your Life Purpose and Rock the World With Love, Healing, Hope and Joy!

* Instantly Feel Light, Loving, Loved, Protected, Empowered and Free to Be the Real You

* Enjoy Archangel Michaels's Strong, Loving, Empowering Energy As You Receive Insights and Guidance Directly From him and Channeled by Courtney

Experience the Power of Angelic Healing Guided Meditation as You Remove Fears and Subconscious Blocks and Reclaim Your Courage & Confidence

“That was an incredible experience with all of the Archangels! Wow Courtney you are amazing- such wonderful gifts! Thank you for such a powerful meditation.”  -Linda

Why Angelic Healing Guided Meditation?

The Angelic Healing Guided Meditation with High Vibe Energy Activations will help you clear ancient fears and subconscious blocks that may be causing self-doubt, self-sabotage, insecurity and patterns of fear.  

The meditation is infused with high vibe angelic healing energy, plus hypnotherapy techniques to give your subconscious mind the opportunity to clear whatever has been standing in your way.

You'll have the opportunity to raise your vibration and activate your inner confidence and courage, so you can confidently share your gifts and fulfill your Divine Life Purpose (includes channeled messages from the Angels).

You'll receive the MP3 recording, which you can download and listen to again and again. You can access it via computer, mobile device, or upload into your iPod or MP3 player. 

“The energy Courtney channeled was mind-blowing! Very powerful. I was so out of it during the meditation. Excellent meditation, thanks Courtney.”   -Bridget McLonis Heidorn

“Courtney’s meditation was eye opening and just what I needed. I feel as though I am vibrating at a different frequency level now.” – Kearsten

“Courtney’s Guided Meditations are just unbelievable, deep and clearer than anything I have experienced. I felt very peaceful and relaxed during them. I didn’t want to come out of them because I felt so good!” - Previous Participant 


You Will Receive:

*4 Online Video Class (~107 mins total) (Value = $111)

*1 Guided Meditation Audio MP3 Recording (~30 mins) (Value = $44) 

*Bonus Angel Assistance Activation Sheet PDF (Value = $44) 

*Pictures with inspiration for confidence from Archangel Michael (Value = $22)

*Abundance of uplifting, healing energy from the Angels  (Value = Priceless)

Total Value = $222

Your Price = Only $111 (50% discount)

Interested in other topics too?

Purchase all 12 Archangel Activations and receive 2 free! 

Check out the details here: 

Class Topics:

Class 1 - Activate Your Confidence

Class 2 - Meet Archangel Michael

Class 3 - Confidence  Activation Techniques (fun, effective energy exercises to connect with Archangel Michael and embody your confidence)

Class 4 - 5 Confidence Tips

Class 5 - Angelic Healing Guided Meditation (~30-40 mins)

“The meditations are powerful to help with clarity, dissolving fear, opening up to possibilities and dissolving past life issues that can be in the way.”  -Previous Participant

I look forward to sharing this Archangel Activation experience with you!

With love,

Creator of Mariposa Sacred Sexuality™, Intuitive, International Speaker, Author, Masters Level Social Worker

Courtney Fae Long

Courtney Long, MSW, LC, CHt, ATP® is an Angel Communicator, Fairy Expert, Life Purpose Intuitive, Author, Speaker, Hypnotherapist, and Masters Level Social Worker. She inspires spiritual individuals to discover their Divine Life Purpose, gifts, passions and talents, activate their intuition, and confidently connect with the Angels and Fairies, so they can fulfill their purpose in a passionate, prosperous way. To learn more about Courtney’s online classes, Angel Adventure retreats, Fairy Walks, events and books, visit

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro - Welcome to the Archangel Activation!

    • Intro Video

  • 2

    Opening Meditation

    • Opening Meditation

  • 3

    Class 1 - Activate Your Confidence

    • Video - Part 1

  • 4

    Angel Assistance Activation Sheet

    • Archangel Michael - Angel Assistance Activation Sheet

  • 5

    Class 2 - Connect with Archangel Michael

    • Video - Part 2

  • 6

    Class 3 - Confidence Activation Techniques

    • Video - Part 3

  • 7

    Class 4 - Confidence Tips

    • Video - Part 4

  • 8

    Meditation - Angelic Healing Guided Meditation

    • Video - How to Prepare for Angelic Healing Guided Meditation

    • Angelic Healing Guided Meditation - Activate Your Confidence with Archangel Michael

    • Important Info on Angelic Healing Guided Meditation

  • 9


    • Archangel Michael Pictures

    • Confidence Pictures