Teach the Archangel Activations and Help Others Improve Their Lives with the Angels' Help!

Do you love Angels? 

Have you ever thought about teaching about the Angels or working with clients one-on-one in Angel Healing Sessions?

Do you dream about having a spiritual business (or growing your current business)?

Would you love to help more people and make more money in meaningful ways?

Become Certified to Teach Courtney Fae Long’s Most Popular Class Series and Facilitate Angelic Healing Guided Meditations

Do you feel called to help the planet during this unprecedented time? 

Imagine yourself teaching classes about the Archangels (either online or in-person in your local community) and leading Angelic Healing Guided Meditations. 

Imagine it being easy, with ALL the teaching content given to you. You just have to show up and share from your heart.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Sensitive and caring with a big heart and desire to help others
  • Love the Angels (whether you are brand new to working with them or a seasoned expert)
  • Ready to fulfill your Divine Life Purpose and make the world a better place
  • Feel a desire to teach and guide others (even if you have never taught before or are a seasoned teacher)


Who is the Archangel Activation Facilitator Program for?

  • People who want to start a spiritually-based business (either online, in-person, or both)
  • People who want to supplement their income in a meaningful way
  • People who already have a business and want to add to their toolkit and make more money
  • People who want a closer relationship with the Angels (whether you ever teach or not!) 

Imagine Being Able to:

  • Teach others how to connect with the Archangels (whether in a small or large group)
  • Have your own successful spiritual business online or in-person (or supplement your income on the side)
  • Facilitate Angelic Healing Guided Meditation so others can experience the Angels up-close
  • Work with clients one-on-one (if you choose)
  • Lead destination retreats in beautiful places like Hawaii, Sedona, or location of your choice
  • Speak at spiritual centers, spiritual conferences, or intimate settings like a client’s living room

Imagine it being easy, with ALL the teaching content given to you.

You just have to show up and share from your heart.

Your light is needed in this world now more than ever. 

The time is NOW.


The world is in turmoil. Things may look bleak, but the Angels remind us that this is a huge opportunity for positive change. 

They want us to focus on spreading positivity, kindness, love, and joy with others.

The Angels want to help even more people.

But they can’t do it by themselves. 

They need humans (like YOU) to facilitate and share their loving teachings, meditations, and healing energy.

You’ve got what it takes!

Archangel Activation Facilitator Certification

12 Inspirational Classes with Angelic Healing Guided Meditation

The Archangel Activation program (formerly known as the Angel Meditation Club) is one of my most popular classes. It has successfully inspired hundreds and hundreds of people!

The Archangel Activations Will Help You and Your Clients to:

* Raise Your Vibration and Experience Love, Joy and Abundance Now

* Receive Important Divine Guidance from the Angels, your Higher Self, and God/Spirit/Universe/Source (these insights will empower their entire life and save you time, money, and energy) 

* Release Ancient Subconscious Blocks, Fears, Stress, and Self-Doubt 

* Confidently Connect with the Angels and Activate Their Assistance in Daily Life

* Fulfill Your Divine Life Purpose in a Passionate, Prosperous Way

* Feel Supported, Inspired and Uplifted as You Receive the Clarity You Need In All Areas of Your Life – Romance, Health, Intuition, Spiritual Gifts, Life Purpose, Family, Abundance, Money, and More

The "Archangel Activation Facilitator" Certification Training Includes: 

Everything you need to successfully teach the Archangel Activations, including:

* The entire Archangel Activation Student Program - 12 classes and 12 Angelic Healing Guided Meditations (Value = $2664)

* The entire Archangel Activation Facilitator Teacher's Program that teaches you how to teach the Archangel Activations. 

* 10 Certification Training Classes with behind-the-scenes insights on how to run a successful spiritual business, including how to market, where to find clients, how to make money, how to teach, public speaking tips, how to teach retreats, and much more! (value = $2552)

* ALL class content for 12 Archangel Activation classes, including detailed, well-organized class outlines (everything you will need to say is written out for you, and you are welcome to modify and make it your own!) (Value = $2444)

* Word-for-word transcripts of 12 Angelic Healing Guided Meditations (even if you've never facilitated a guided meditation before, you'll be well-equipped) (Value = $2444)

* Teacher Guidebooks with insights on the Archangels, where to host your Archangel Activation classes, how to market, how to price your classes, public speaking tips, and much more! (Value = $396)

* Done-for-you marketing materials, including text and gorgeous graphics to market your classes via email, social media, and printed flyers (Value = $5555)

* Supportive class materials for your students, including 12 gorgeous Angel Assistance PDFs (a summary sheet for each different Archangel) and over 100 colorful inspirational pictures (Value = $1728)

* 7 LIVE Q & A Classes with Courtney where she provides you customized, personal support and coaching (Live on Zoom) (value = $1998)   

* Private Online Forum for sharing with other facilitators (Value = priceless)

You will officially be an Archangel Activation Facilitator!

Plus enjoy these special bonuses:

* Bonus #1: Earn Commissions

The opportunity to make additional money by selling my other online angel and fairy classes to your friends, family, or community. Receive an incredible 20-33% commission (earn anywhere from $111 - $659 per class sold).

* Bonus #2: Name Listed on My Website

Once you are certified, your name and contact information will be listed on my Angel website as a recommended Archangel Activation Facilitator.

* Bonus #3: Name Announced to My Community

Once you are certified, your name and contact information will be announced in my newsletter to thousands and thousands of my clients.

* Bonus #4: Ongoing Referrals

Since I am teaching fewer angel classes now, I will be referring my clients to you on an ongoing basis. 

Teach in-person in your local community or online!

This certification program is unique and one-of-a-kind

There are many Angel Reading certifications out there, but this certification teaches you how to teach about the Angels. Most certifications teach you a skill. None prepare you for having a successful business and making money with your skill, which is why most people get certifications then do nothing with them. I want you to share your new angel teachings and make money while doing so! 

This is the only Angel Certification out there that prepares you for having a successful spiritual business. I give you my entire curriculum, student materials, marketing materials, behind-the-scenes strategy on how to make money and how to overcome deep subconscious money blocks, and every single thing you need to run a successful business. This allows you to be a successful teacher as you build community and help more people!

Plus, I have a unique, practical view on how to work with the Angels, as you likely have experienced in my classes and videos. My special techniques (shown to me by the Angels) help people connect clearly with the Angels and experience more love, joy, and abundance on a daily basis.

Here are the Meditation and Class Topics That You Will Be Able to Teach 

* Activate Abundance with Archangel Ariel

* Activate Romance and Love with Archangel Chamuel 

* Activate Money Flow with Massalkor the Money Angel

* Activate Your Authentic Self with Archangel Metatron 

* Activate Your Gifts, Creativity, and Self-Expression with Archangel Gabriel 

* Fairy Magic and Manifestation

* Activate Your Intuition with Archangel Haniel 

* Activate Miracles and Faith with Archangel Galadriel 

* Activate Your Confidence with Archangel Michael

* Activate Joy with Archangel Jophiel 

* Activate Your Life Purpose with Archangel Uriel

* Activate Vibrant Health with Archangel Raphael 


Total Program Value = $19,781

Normally, I would charge $9997 for this certification. It truly a "business-in-a-box" with everything you need to have a successful spiritual business, including quality teaching content, marketing materials, behind-the-scenes money-making tips, and much more. 

However, for a limited time, I am offering you a special price! 

Special Price Available Now through 4/3/23

Special Price for YOU = $2444 (87% savings)

Payment plan: Only $488 due now. Then 4 additional monthly payments of only $488 each.

Or pay-in-full now to save even more (save an additional $222!). Pay only $2222 total!

Why Is This a Great Investment?

This program is an investment in your life purpose, career or business, and spiritual path. 

It will give you significant spiritual tools with which you can help others and earn money along the way.

As you likely know, anything is possible when working with the Angels, including miracles, improved health, improved relationships, increased financial abundance, joy, love, etc. 

Also, this program has a great return on your investment. You can easily make this money back within 1-2 months of teaching the Archangel Activations! 

In the certification, Courtney shows you how to easily make anywhere from $40,000 - $200,000 per year with the Archangel Activations.

How Can You Make Money as a Facilitator? 

You can teach the Archangel Activation classes/meditations in-person in your local community or online and charge money for them (which all goes to you). 

The expenses to teach are minimal (ex. Zoom or room rent and marketing costs), so your profit margin is high.

The Archangel Activations are a set of 12 classes/meditations. You can offer the classes one at a time, or as a bundle of 12 (I'll explain more in the certification program).

Let's say you decide to run a series of 12 classes/meditations and you charge $33 per class or $333 for the series. 

If you enroll just 8 people for the series, that would give you $2664, which would totally pay for your entire certification (plus some extra)! Beyond that, any additional money you make from teaching the Archangel Activations is pure profit for you to keep.

I would LOVE to certify you to teach my Archangel Activations!

With love,


Creator of Mariposa Magical Sexuality™ Courtney Fae Long

Courtney Fae Long is the creator of Mariposa Magical Sexuality™ and the 4-Step GLOW System. She is an International Speaker and Bestselling Author who has been teaching for 25 years. Courtney holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW), Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (B.A.), and certificates in Sexuality Education and Sex Therapy from the University of Michigan. After years of sacrificing her health, joy, and sex life in order to run a successful business, Courtney burned out. Surprisingly, she discovered that lighting her sexual fire improved her confidence, happiness, health, love life, business, and money flow. Courtney guides spiritual, sexual, sensitive souls to light their sexual fire so they can be happy and abundant in ALL areas of life - business/career, love, sex, and money. Courtney resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Check out her online school, retreats, blog, videos, and free gifts at https://courtneyfaelong.com.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Save the Dates!

    3. How to Get Started

    4. Welcome Video

    5. Live Kickoff Class Replay 4-3-23

    1. Bubbles of Light Guided Meditation

    2. Meet the Fairies Guided Meditation

    1. Student Program

    1. Welcome! Intro Video

    2. Opening Meditation

    3. Class 1: Activate Your Joy

    4. Angel Assistance Activation Sheet

    5. Class 2: Meet Archangel Jophiel

    6. Class 3: Joy Activation Techniques

    7. Meditation: Activate Your Joy with Archangel Jophiel

    8. Archangel Jophiel Pictures

    9. Joy Pictures

    10. Archangel Jophiel Check-In

    1. Welcome! Intro Video

    2. Opening Meditation

    3. Class 1: Activate Your Life Purpose

    4. Archangel Uriel - Angel Assistance Activation Sheet

    5. Class 2: Meet Archangel Uriel

    6. Class 3: Life Purpose Activation Techniques

    7. Meditation: Activate Your Life Purpose with Archangel Uriel

    8. Archangel Uriel Pictures

    9. Life Purpose Pictures

    10. Archangel Uriel Check-In

About this course

  • $2,222.00
  • 251 lessons
  • 66 hours of video content

Now's your chance to work with the Angels!

Enroll today to become an Archangel Activation Facilitator and share the Angels' teachings and Angelic Healing Guided Meditations.