Life Purpose Alignment with the Fairies and Angels (class and meditation)

taught by Courtney Long

Course description

Do you wonder what your life purpose is?

Would you like more clarity and confidence to share your gifts and make the difference you were born to make?

 Join Courtney Long for:

Life Purpose Alignment with the Fairies and Angels (class and meditation)

Get Clear and Confident about Your Life Purpose through Guided Meditation with High Vibe Energy Activations with the Angels and Fairies

With Courtney Long, MSW, LC, CHt, ATP®, Angel Communicator, Fairy Expert, Life Purpose Intuitive, Author, Speaker, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Masters Level Social Worker

Energy exchange = $37

For extra savings and support, join Courtney’s Fairy Meditation Circle

You were born with an important life purpose that involves sharing your gifts to make the world a better place. 

In the Meditation, Connect with the Fairies and Angels to:

* Discover your Divine Purpose Vibration – the unique energy you are meant to experience and express in this world

* Get clarity on what your purpose is – who you are meant to help, how, and your most precious spiritual gifts

* Release old stuck energy, fears of success/failure, past life fears, and subconscious blocks to fulfilling your purpose

* Receive inspiring insights, divine guidance, and magical, high-vibe energy activations

* Raise your vibration and align with the highest vision of your life purpose

* Call on your inner confidence to shine brightly, share your gifts and make the difference you were born to make!

It’s time to shine brightly and share your gifts!

You Will Receive:

* Video Class to help you discover your Life Purpose (~40 mins)

* Guided Meditation (available as both video and audio) - download and listen as many times as you wish (~37 mins)

“Guided Meditation with Courtney Long is like a massage for your soul!”  – Deanne Hodgson


“Courtney’s Guided Meditations are just unbelievable, deep and clearer than anything I have experienced. I felt very peaceful and relaxed during them. I didn’t want to come out of them because I felt so good!”

– Cindy, Previous Participant

Why Guided Meditation with Courtney? 

Courtney’s Guided Meditations are powerful spiritual journeys that help you clear fears, self-doubt and ancient subconscious blocks. Thanks to the Angels and Fairies, you’ll experience incredibly high-vibrational healing energy, so you can raise your vibration, open your heart and align with joy, love, abundance, and your Divine Life Purpose.

Each meditation journey is unique, as Courtney channels each one directly from the Angels and Fairies. 

Why the Angels and Fairies? 

Angels are beings of pure love and light. Fairies are nature angels or the guardians of Planet Earth. Their mission is to raise the vibration of the planet. They help you raise your own vibration and experience more magic, love, joy, and abundance.

Angels and Fairies are powerful beings of light who can naturally uplift and cleanse your energy field of old blocks, limitations, fears, and stagnant energy, so you can feel light, free, happy, and vibrant. Fairies are master manifesters. They love helping you manifest abundance and live your most magical, meaningful, joyful life!

Whether you’re new to working with Angels and Fairies or a seasoned expert, you are in for a treat and powerful spiritual experience.

Energy exchange = $37

For extra savings and support, join Courtney’s Fairy Meditation Circle

I look forward to sharing the class and meditation with you! 

With love, 


Courtney Long
Courtney Long
Creator of Mariposa Sacred Sexuality™, Angel Communicator, Fairy Expert, Author, International Speaker, Masters Level Social Worker

Courtney Long, MSW, LC, CHt is the creator of Mariposa Sacred Sexuality.™ She is also an International Speaker, Author, and Masters Level Social Worker who has been inspiring clients for over 20 years.

Through her Mariposa Sacred Sexuality™ teachings, Courtney empowers women and men to get TURNED ON and create their most joyful, love-filled, abundant lives with the magic of their sexual energy.

Courtney is living proof that sexuality matters. After discovering Mariposa Sacred Sexuality™, she manifested the romantic relationship of her dreams, overcame serious health issues, transformed life-long body image issues into body confidence, and created a thriving business she loves.

Are you ready to create the love and connection you secretly crave? Are you ready to light your sexual fire and be TURNED ON for life?

Download Courtney's free e-book "Light Your Sexual Fire" at:

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